Thursday, January 10, 2013

Goofy Challenge Freak Out

Okay, so I wrote three blog posts, 2 1/2 months ago.... that hardly makes me a blogger.  But, I'm going to give it another shot and see if it sticks.  I mean, the domain has been purchased, I might as well use it, even if no one is reading, right?

Well, I'm in Orlando in January . . . yes, it is Disney Marathon time.  This Disney Marathon is much different from last year's for a couple reasons.  Most importantly, this is the year that I tackle the Goofy Challenge.  Woah.  39.3 miles in one weekend.  Who would do that?  Apparently Adam and I would do that, or at least attempt to.  I've run exactly two marathons and five half marathons.  Bottom line: 39.3 miles in two days still seems like a crazy amount of running and I'm freaking out.  

This reminds me of the second reason that this year is different.  You know that flu epidemic that they've been talking about on tv?  Yeah, for the last week I've been one of those millions of people that felt like they were dying from what seemed like a respiratory infection and a fever.  I think it goes without saying that there hasn't been much running in the recent past.

So, to sum it up:  (1) I'm not in shape to run 39.3 miles in two days.  (2) Even if I was in shape, the gallons of phlegm in my lungs seem like a pretty big barrier to completing this task.  

I. am. freaking. out.

♥ Wishing You Merry Miles ♥

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