Thursday, March 14, 2013

Coming back from a burn out

So, last time we chatted, I was in the midst of a little, tiny freak out . . . except it wasn't so little or tiny.  Turns out, it wasn't that unwarranted.  The only positive comment I have about my experience with the Goofy Challenge is that I finished.

Now, just to be clear, Disney is to blame for ZERO of the misery that I experienced that weekend.  However, I did experience a lot of misery - not the least of which was getting up at 3:30am two mornings in a row; coughing for nearly 9 out of the 13.1 miles on Saturday and 15 out of the 26.2 miles  on Sunday; and spending some time with the lovely folks in the medical tent.  I think it is safe to say that the Goofy Challenge is a once in a lifetime experience.

All this being said I WILL do the Disney Marathon again.  It really is an incredible experience.  
I love the cheesy magic that I feel running through Cinderella's Castle.  
I love petting the goats outside of Animal Kingdom.  
I love hearing people cheer as you run through the tunnel of the Great Movie Ride at Hollywood Studios.  
I love the overjoyed feeling of seeing Spaceship Earth (the 18 story geodesic sphere at Epcot), mostly because it means I'm almost done.  
Finally, I am obsessed with and addicted to the feeling of crossing marathon finish lines.  It is that feeling of accomplishment that quickly leads me to the conclusion that I will be out on those roads again soon, putting the miles on my legs to get ready for the next one.

So, after Goofy I didn't run for TWO months!! Now that it's warm again, my legs are getting the itch.  I have a couple races on the calendar.  So, this week, my legs started hitting the road again.  I was scared for awhile that the burned out feeling was going to permanent.  I'm not even sure how I shook it I won't know what to do if/when it hits me again.  I'll cross that bridge when I get to it...hopefully I'll cross it at a 9:00/mile pace =)

♥ Wishing You Merry Miles ♥

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