Friday, March 15, 2013

Cross Training

In an effort to avoid future burnouts, I've been introducing more cross-training into my routine.  My usual "go-to" cross-training activities used to be spinning or swimming.  However, I have better options now that I've moved to Las Vegas - there is more to Las Vegas than you think . . .

Yes, there is more to Las Vegas than this . . . 
So, now rather than doing my cross-training in a gym on a day when the weather outside is phenomenally beautiful, I spend the day climbing these:

So, this is today's cross-training workout in a nutshell.  First, I met up with my awesome friends of Hiking Las Vegas.  Then, we drove the quick 10 miles to Red Rock Canyon, parked our cars and we were on our way!  The hike involved a 1 mile approach hike over somewhat rocky terrain before the real fun began.  After that we started climbing up and up and up.  We even had to use ropes at one point:

Yes, that's me climbing in there with the rope!!

Ultimately, we ended up climbing up 1,450 feet to a "peak" called Oak Creek Overlook It was so fun and satisfying reaching the top.  There were a few spots where I wasn't sure how I was going to get up, but the folks of Hiking Las Vegas are so incredibly encouraging and knowledgeable about the routes and hiking/rock scrambling strategies.  It. Was. Amazing!
Oak Creek Overlook
and of course . . . once you get up to the top, there is always the problem of getting down.  And, it was a loooooong way down.  It was a tricky hike with some areas with exposure to falling a long, long, long way down.  But, I made it and guess what?  Making it to all the way down was almost as satisfying as making it to the top =)

Me and my homegirl Ann looking at what we have to climb down

♥ Wishing You Merry Miles ♥

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