Wednesday, July 17, 2013

A new toy and re-tiring an old one

I had a fairly exciting day, at least I think so.  

No, I did not randomly decide to buy myself a new laptop . . . my wonderful, amazing husband randomly decided to buy me a new laptop!!!  
I maybe, kind of, sort of gave him a tiny bit of a hard time because my co-worker got flowers the other day and I felt left out.  Then, around 12:30 this afternoon, I got a wonderful email saying that my new MacBook Air was waiting for me to pick up at the Apple Store!!
#MyFavoriteFruit #Apple #MacBookAir
Don't get me wrong, I'm crazy excited about my new toy. In fact, my writing this blog from it now!  That being said, I went through a lot with my soon-to-be-retired MacBook Pro and I'm slightly sad to be saying good-bye to it.  

I purchased it a few weeks before I started law school in 2009.

My MacBook Pro was with me through all six semesters of law school (and six rounds of finals).
This is definitely from finals time....notice the multiple sources of caffeine?
Law school forced me to miss the birth of my adorable nephew, so I first met him over FaceTime on my MacBook Pro
Look how tiny he is!!
Around that same time, law school also forced me to miss my younger sister's college graduation.  But, never fear, my MacBook Pro was there to stream her graduation
If my baby sister is old enough to graduate from undergrad that makes me.....old.
Then, it was really there for me while studying for the bar exam (among the most stressful times of my life)
My friend's cat made an excellent study buddy.
Actually, she just made me want to take naps all the time.
And finally, last summer, I took the bar exam on my MacBook Pro.
Hitting submit after typing out the bar exam was one of the most terrifying and, at the same time, relieving experiences of my life
I'll certainly always cherish the time I had with my MacBook Pro, but it is time to move on and embrace the MacBook Air chapter of my life =)

Monday Workout:
4 mile run (treadmill)
My legs felt a little stiff from Sunday's run, but I did this as sort of an interval workout.  After my warmup, I did 800m repeats at 9:20 pace (10K pace) with 400m recover between at ~10:30 pace.  Then a little cool down.  After I got back to my apartment, I did the Washboard Abs Challenge workout by Amanda Russell.  
Tuesday Workout:

3 mile run
Feeling a little bit more sore than I was on Monday.  I tried to do three Yasso 800s at 4:30, but the soreness made it so the third Yasso was not that successful, but I completed the run and felt pretty good about it.  Afterwards, I did about 30 minutes of strength training (calves, hamstrings, glutes, curls, tricep extensions, lower back, planks)

Be honest, my obsession with my MacBook Pro is abnormal, right?

Do you have a favorite youtube workout video?

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