Thursday, July 18, 2013

I found a deal on the BEST running head band!

Do ya'll get the Very Jane emails everyday?  If not, you should - it is basically like Groupon but with a more Etsy feel.

Well, I opened my Very Jane email on Wednesday and found that Very Jane was repeating one of my FAVORITE deals:
The deal will end on Friday, July 19, 2013 @ 11:00 pm Pacific Standard Time

Historically, I've had a difficult time finding a headband that didn't slip off my head while I was working out.  These seriously work so well and don't slip around at all while I'm running.  The side that comes in contact with your hair is basically velour and that texture somehow stays put better than those headbands that have the rubber on the inside.

I've purchased several of these in the past.  I wear my sparkly black and my sparkly silver ones the most often.  I especially like the sparkly silver headband for those days when I want to feel like I'm running in a tiara =)  In fact, you might remember my sparkly silver active band when it made an appearance as my trusty wispy hair tamer for last month's Ragnar Wasatch Back.

I've purchased similar products at race expos that also work, but these work just as well and this is a great deal!  

(I think the gray chevron is my favorite of this batch, I may have to order more)

Do you wear a hand band or a hat when you run? (or are you one of those people that has perfect hair and doesn't need to tame those wispies?)

How often do you purchase things from one of these daily deal websites?


  1. I started using running headbands abut a month ago and I am SOLD!!! I have NO CLUE what I hadn't started using them sooner - I was putting like 8 bobby pins in my hair, LOL!

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  3. Love it! And you looked so fab running in all your sparkles. I'll definitely check them out!!

  4. Hi! sorry for the comment removal fiasco above... I'm just getting the hang of all this blogging stuff! :) But I'm taking a class on it all next week, so I should be an absolute PRO next time I try to make a comment.