Friday, July 12, 2013

Desperate for Motivation & Inspiration

Historically, I haven't been the best at balancing fitness with hectic times at school/work.  Don't get me wrong, I would always prefer to go for a run, do a little lifting, and go for a swim.  However, obligations and my love of eating on a regular basis usually persuade me that school/work must come first and this necessarily requires me to spend most of my spare time sleeping to rest up for the next day of school/work.  Not a very healthy balance, but sometimes this is just reality.  Surely this is a reality that most people face at certain points, right? please?
I feel ya buddy... sometimes, life is just exhausting
At some point yesterday afternoon, I realized just how desperately I was in need of some good ole fashioned inspiration and motivation.
I don't know why I was scouring the internet for inspiration from random strangers when I inherited half my genetic make-up from the biggest inspiration I've ever encountered:  my mother (sorry daddy, this one's for mommy)
(circa 1984)
admittedly, both my mother and I have aged slightly (only slightly) since this picture
In fact, I got home this evening and decided to zone out by clicking around Facebook and look what I found!!!

Way to go Mama!!!
When I saw this, my heart was swelling with pride of my mother.  Actually it still is.  My mother has always spent her time making sure everyone else was taken care of and I am *so* happy that she is finally taking time for herself and her health.

Things like this make me really sad that I don't live closer.  I am so excited that my mom and I have yet another thing in common (not that we needed another thing).  I would *love* to go for a run with my mother (and I intend to go for a run with her in the near future).

My inspirational mother coupled with the rather inspirational weather we've been having here (I don't think it got over 100 today) have me excited to get some more miles on my legs starting today!!

Who in your life inspires you to keep running when you feel like you're in a rut?

What are your strategies for fitting in your workouts when other areas of your life become busy?

Quick:  Favorite Song on your running playlist.
       (Miley Cyrus, We Can't Stop - judge if you want, I still love Miley)


  1. I have definately been there! I am a Master's student of Architecture and my time is literally not my own during term time! just I just fit it in wherever I can manage it! It is important to me, so I find time I guess! I am hoping to run my first full marathon next year soo I am going to be pretty exhausted next term :P My favorite song on my playlist at the moment is Beyonce - Run the World! It is pretty motivating!

    1. Wow!! Good luck with your training and with school!! I haven't heard "Run the World" in a really long time, but I definitely added it to my playlist for my long run tomorrow morning!