Friday, September 6, 2013

I need to narrow down my list of races I want to do - HELP!!

I am DESPERATE for anyone's help!  Fall is always full of such wonderful athletic opportunities that I find it difficult to limit myself.  However, I'm reasonably certain (although not 100% sure) that my calendar and my pocketbook can't handle all of these....

#1 :: Bank of America Chicago Marathon - 10/13/2013
I've said it a million times, I know, but I'm already signed up for the Chicago Marathon, my third Chicago Marathon in a row
#2 :: Ragnar Las Vegas - 11/8-11/9/2013
I'm excited to let y'all know that I'm going to be doing my second Ragnar Relay in November when Ragnar comes to Vegas!  

Assuming I make it to the finish line of Ragnar Vegas, I'll also earn the Saints and Sinners Medal because I will have done Ragnar Wasatch Back and Ragnar Vegas in the same calendar year!  But, the most exciting part of all is that I'll be doing this with my daddy!!  He's going to fly out to Vegas for the weekend and participate in his first Ragnar Relay!!!!!  It is going to be a blast =)

Okay, now for decision time....  
All of the these sound soooo fun!  How am I supposed to choose?

#3 :: RTC Viva Bike Vegas 18-mile ride - 9/21/2013 - $125 (ouch!)
So, I've never done an organized road ride (except for the ride portion of the Amica 19.7 Triathlon), but I'm intrigued by this one because the first part of the ride goes down the Las Vegas Strip.  Doesn't that sound neat?
However, the price is steep (and the price doesn't include the cost of a cycling jersey, which I'd probably convince myself I needed).  Is it worth it?  I don't know....  Help!!

#4 :: TriRock San Diego Spring Triathlon - 9/22/2013 - $130 (yikes!)
I had such a blast at my first tri that I immediately began searching for others.  This was one that I keyed in on because San Diego is a relatively easy drive and I have friends with whom I can stay in San Diego.
That being said, the registration is not exactly cheap and is the day after the Viva Bike Vegas...not ideal, but not completely undoable (probably ill-advised, but that hasn't stopped me before)....

#5 :: Slam the Dam 1.2 mile Open Water Swim - 10/5/2013 - $60
Seriously, swimming is my jam....takes me back to so many happy memories of swimming competitively from the time I was 8 through my senior year in college.  As with cycling, open water swimming is something I haven't done often, or at all until the Amica Triathlon......but, I *really* love it.

This one sounds just awesome.  It isn't crazy expensive and maybe, just maybe, I have a small chance of least in my age group, which would be pretty groovy.

#6 :: IronGirl Sprint Triathlon - 10/26/2013 - $95
Finally, this one.  I've all but decided that I will absolutely sign up for this one.
However, since I'm not yet signed up for it, I figured I should include it in the list of maybes.

Okay.  Now, here's where you come in....If you were me, which of these would you sign up for?  All?  One?  Somewhere in between?



  1. All of them look pretty amazing, but I'd probably go with the cheapest one, some of these races sure are pricey. And good luck on the triathlon, if you're doing it, looks like an amazing event!

    1. I'm definitely doing the triathlon. I'm all signed up and everything. I'm so shocked by how expensive races have gotten lately. It just me? or does it seems like anything over a 5K will cost you at least $50 anymore!?!

  2. Wow - decisions, decisions! They all look pretty cool. #3 and #4 seem to be coming up quickly. If you're really interested I'd pick between one of the 2 and save the other for next year! Or just do #5 and #6 for essentially the same price as the prior 2. But really it all depends on what YOU want to do/accomplish. Good luck!!!

    1. So, I signed up for Slam the Dam and the IronGirl sprint triathlon. I'm still thinking about signing up for Viva Bike Vegas and I need to decide soon because online registration ends in 1 hour and 25 minutes!!

  3. so I know it's not on your list and it might involve a plane ticket but this is an awesome event over here in Sydney

    1. It's a little last minute to fly all the way to Australia, but this looks REALLY awesome!! I'm going to have to put this on my wish list for big trips in the future!! Sydney Running Festival 2014 might be in my future!!

  4. Expensive decisions! Wow! Since you're a swimmer, I'd say the Slam the Dam would be a great one! The TriRock San Diego sounds cool too. Maybe because I've always wanted to go to San Diego. :) Those are my choices. Good luck!!

    1. Isn't it crazy how expensive races are now?!! I ended up deciding against TriRock San Diego because it is the most expensive and it requires travel (I live in 5ish hours away in Las Vegas). I'm a little traveled out.

  5. Do the swim! I wish there were more open water swimming events around St. Louis. I'm like you - it's my strongest sport and I feel like I can actually place well at those events.

    I did Ragnar Del Sol this year and it was a blast - I am definitely thinking about what Ragnar to sign up for next. I've got the bug again.

    Only four weeks till we run Chicago - will be here very soon!

    1. I ended up signing up for the swim, the bike ride, and the iron girl triathlon. I'm super excited for the swim, but I should probably spend more time in the pool between now and then....

      As for Chicago....I'm worried that it is going to be an ugly one for me. My first full summer living out here in the desert really derailed my training. I'm doing another marathon in December in Memphis, so I think I'm just going to treat Chicago like a training run and just enjoy the sights. Chicago is such a beautiful city.