Thursday, September 19, 2013

Week #4 30-30-30 - Fantasy Football!!! (Thirty-Things Thirty-Weeks Thirty-Years-Old)

I've been a little absent lately.  I need to take a little break to think about and center myself.  I was sort of having an existential crisis.  Well, that sounds a lot more serious than it was.  I think I had just been doing too much and not taking the necessary time to recover.  

With my little hiatus, I got a bit behind, but I'll catch up soon.  Without further ado, I give you Week #4 of my 30Things 30Weeks 30YearsOld.
One thing that may not have been clear from this blog is how much I love football.  I grew up loving Iowa Hawkeye football.  
I think this looks more like my brother, but my mom says it's me
that furry guy with me is my first best friend Snookums
Years later, I attended grad school at the University of Tennessee and became a dedicated fan of the Volunteers.  
My parents drove to Knoxville to see Tennessee get creamed by LSU my 3L year
(Mom!  I bet you nearly drown in that shirt now!!)
Sometime in the middle of all that, I started becoming obsessed with NFL football.  Given my love for the city of Chicago, Da Bears were the obvious choice for my team.  
My husband and I are so cool.  For our 3 year wedding anniversary we went to Nashville to see the Bears play the Titans in a preseason game.
As I've spent more and more time following NFL football, I've wanted to join in on the fun and frenzy that is FANTASY FOOTBALL!  So, when I got an email from my brother and his friend from college asking if I wanted to join their fantasy league, I didn't even hesitate.

So, on a fair August evening, we held our draft and, for being 9th out of 10 in the draft order, I did AWESOME.  My opinion of my draft proficiency is clearly biased; no one else shares this opinion.  
My team name was awesome when I was starting Cam Newton.  However, I benched him this week because Russell Wilson is going to own the Jags this weekend.
As far as my team, I'm pretty happy with my players at running back (Jamaal Charles & Matt Forte) and I feel good about my options at quarterback (Cam Newton & Russell Wilson).  However, I'm pretty weak at wide receiver, but I'm hoping the recent addition of Eddie Royal to my team will help shore this spot up.  

All that being said, my success this season so far has been the very definition of mixed.  After two weeks, I've won one and lost one.  I won my first matchup and lost my second.  So far, I'm projected to win my Week 3 matchup (against my dad). 
I should have written this post after week #1 when I was 1-0
Okay, I know this post is probably incredibly boring to most people and it is definitely not related to running or even related to any sort of fitness.  However, on the off chance that you too have fantasy teams...based on my research and a short text discussion with a friend that's in a different league, you should consider claiming Willis McGahee off of waivers.  It's looking like he's going to be signed by Cleveland after their big move today.  He won't be much help this week, but could be helpful in the future.

Ah!! I'm totally a fantasy football junkie!

This final picture is completely unrelated to anything else in this post.  However, last week during all those storms, I snapped this amazing pic of an incredibly vivid rainbow.
For real - no filter - I didn't even use the HD mode on my iPhone!
Any football fans out there?

Are you in any fantasy leagues?
          (I do not understand how people have time to be in multiple leagues!!)

If so, who was your first round pick?
          (I can't remember, but it was either Jamaal Charles or Matt Forte)

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