Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Finding Time to Workout During Holiday Travel

This time of year is wonderful for so many reasons.  I love shopping for gifts for my friends and family; baking (and eating) all the yummy cookies and treats; and decorating our Christmas Tree.
"stockings hung by the kitchen with care" and all that
Another thing that comes with this time of year are the glorious days off from work and the corresponding holiday travel.  I've always had a difficult time maintaining any semblance of my workout regimen during any sort of travel.  I don't think I'm alone in this.  However, if there is any time that fitting in some sweat sessions is most important, it is during this season of cookies, pies, and candy canes.

I'm in double trouble this holiday season when it comes to working out, because I currently have ZERO races on my schedule!!  (I must be ill or something)  So, without that extra reason to get out on the roads or get myself to the gym, until recently, I had been struggling with working out consistently.  Now that I'm finally in a groove, I don't want my holiday traveling to terribly derail my current momentum.

Check out these strategies that I'm going to attempt to employ as we travel to visit Adam's family in Washington:

1. Holiday Treadmill Workout
I did this workout earlier this week when I only had 30 minutes to get in and get out before I had to rush to meet up with some friends.  Ideally, I would always like to spend at least 30 minutes running, not including cool down.  But, during this time of year, more than ever, there just doesn't seem to be enough time in the day.  So, because I didn't have very much time, I decided to ramp up the intensity by doing a few higher speed bursts (8 mph) in the middle of the workout.  I definitely felt like I had done some quality sweating in the 20 minutes.  

I'm planning on fitting this workout in a couple of mornings at our hotel treadmill.

2. Check Out the Local Sweating Options
We're going to be about 2 hours from Mt. Ranier National Park.  I've never been, but I'm excited to check it out.  I'm especially excited to do some snow hiking or maybe even some snowshoeing if we can find a place to rent them.

3.  YouTube, etc.
Fortunately, our hotel has free wi-fi.  In addition to the quick treadmill workouts, I'm going to check out some of my favorite yoga workouts on youtube and this Iron Yoga thing that I read about in this month's Runner's World.

Maybe I'll even see if my awesome niece wants to give some vinyasa a whirl. =)

4. Take the dog for a walk
My sister-in-law has the cutest little shih tzu, Winston.  If all else fails, I will spend some quality time with Winston and any family members that would like to join us.

I hope y'all have a wonderful holiday however you choose to enjoy this time of year!!

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