Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Year - New Look

Each year brings its own difficulties with tears and moments of sadness.  But, each year also brings smiles, laughter, blessings, and joy.  I hope that everyone reading this has at least one moment from 2013 that brings a smile to your face.  I had a lot of fun in 2013 with blogging, running marathons, hiking, and completing my first two sprint triathlons.
That being said, last night, we be welcomed the year 2014.  Surely, 2014 will bring its challenges, but it is also going to bring lots of excitement.  Just a couple of examples:  First, Adam and I will be moving from Vegas to the east coast later this year!!  In addition, although not quite as exciting as the big move, we also hope to do our first backpacking trip this year!!

With the new year, I've decided to make this new blog "look"/title official and permanent.

Also, I'm sure you've noticed the change at the top of the blog and the fact that when you type in, it magically re-routes to  I just sort of sneakily put the new header up there and redirected the web pages and never actually mentioned it on the blog.

This new name was prompted by my waning interest in focusing exclusively on marathons and my growing interest in other types of fitness.  Don't get me wrong....I. LOVE. RUNNING.  Running will always be my primary means of fitness and my primary method of maintaining my sanity.  However, there are many activities that I enjoy.
It took two cases of serious running burnout and one really painful Chicago marathon for me to realize just how incredibly important variety is for me.  I've always known that I needed flexibility in my workout schedules because I seem to let my life get in the way too often.  But, now I'm aware that I just need a couple days a week and a few weeks a year where my fitness plan is unstructured and I can just do whatever type of activity strikes my fancy.  In addition, I only have eight months left in Vegas and I have a lot to cross of my bucketlist.
So, I am Merry Marathoner no longer.  I am Alaina and I run and hike and swim and cycle and .... whatever else sounds fun and involves breaking a sweat.

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  1. Congratulations on the new blog focus!! I know I have really enjoyed reading your posts about swimming, and think it is great that your new name reflects all your varied fitness interests. Very cool. Cheers to a great 2014!