Tuesday, March 4, 2014

East Peak (6 of Diamonds) - February 2, 2014

So, this is going to be a short post, for a short hike, that we decided to do at the last minute.  Specifically, East Peak is a peak on the south end of the red rock peaks.  To get the peak requires a quick little approach hike and a lovely scramble up 1500 feet over 3 miles.

It was a quick trip because this hike also happened to be on Super Bowl Sunday and we all had plans to watch the game.  So, for that reason, there aren't many pictures.
Because this peak is so far south in Red Rock, the view from the top is quite a bit different than most other peaks that I've done so far.
The hike itself wasn't anything too terribly exciting.  It was a bit stressful at times because lots of the rocks that we scrambled up were a little slanted and it sort of felt like the mountain was trying to throw you off of it.  Not exactly a comforting feeling.  However, I had good sticky shoes on my feet and I had great, helpful, encouraging friends with me.  I was in good hands =)
I made it to the top, but I'm not sure I'll be back to this one anytime soon.
This is definitely one of the shorter hikes that I've done with Hiking Las Vegas, but it was super enjoyable and had a couple of challenging spots.  Most of the challenge was mental because of the slanted rocks, but, as the Beatles said, I g[o]t by with a little help from my friends. =)

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