Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Mid-Week Motivation, a fantastic run, and a DELICIOUS salad

The Wednesday/Thursday time frame is when I start to lose my motivation to complete by workouts and also lose my motivation to eat balanced meals (thin mints and bacon, anyone?).  So, I needed a little pep-talk . . .

. . . and Dove chocolate was there to help pick me up . . .

Dove spoke to me today while I was satisfying my daily hourly chocolate craving.  To me, it just means to try new things and/or push yourself beyond what you think are your limits.  I feel a little empowered each time I try a new hike or try to run a little farther or a little faster.  I don’t always run as fast as I want or run as fast for as long as I want, but I’m never sorry that I pushed myself and tested my limits.  

This also works to energize me:

I know it is kind of old news, but is still incredible.

Today's Workout:
Today I only planned on running 3 miles, but I felt so great I went ahead and did 4.  The weather has been a little cooler her in Las Vegas this week, but mostly due to the wind.  Today, the wind finally relented a little and I got to get outside and stretch my legs.  I was also probably fueled by the inspiration that I'm constantly reading on twitter from the runners around the country/globe who are running in honor of those affected by Monday's senseless attacks

Random Food Notes:
I made a really delicious salad for lunch today.  I should really take more pictures . . . I'll work on that.  My salad consisted of spinach, pepitas, golden raisins, two chicken fingers drenched in buffalo sauce, and, of course, my trusty yogurt-based blue cheese dressing (last seen here).  *so* delicious - next time there will be pictures.  It was actually a nice mix of colors.

♥ Wishing You Merry Miles ♥

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  1. way to go! your dedication is impressive and your perspective on it all is admirable.