Sunday, April 14, 2013

Weekend Roundup - My trip to Iowa

This weekend I traveled to the distant land of Iowa, specifically, the town of Cedar Rapids.  This shouldn’t come to a surprise to anyone that knows me:  I. Love. Iowa.  However, the weather in Iowa must have forgotten that I was coming from Las Vegas.

This was the weather in Vegas....

.....and this was the weather in Iowa.....

.....kind of a big difference.....  I mean, I realize 46 degrees isn’t that cold, but it is April after all.  In reality, I shouldn’t be complaining, my little sister, who lives in southern Minnesota got 3 inches of fresh snowfall on Friday morning. (gross!)

All this weather nonsense aside, I was in Iowa for a *very* important reason.  This little guy turned one year old on Friday!!

That little man is my crazy-adorable nephew.  He turned one year old on Friday and was baptized today (Sunday).  Obviously, an event that no amount of cold temperatures or wind could stop me from attending.  Plus, who wouldn’t travel two time zones to spend some time with these handsome devils?

That handsome devil on the right is my wonderful daddy.  (He already made a cameo on the blog as one-half of the pair that makes up my disgustingly adorable parents here)

Now, I’m going to spend a few seconds gushing and boring you with pictures of my nephew.  (I hardly ever get to see him, so you won’t have to endure this very often) 

My brother and his wife (adorable nephew’s parents) also have a very sweet dog named Lucy.  I love her almost as much as my nephew, but not quite.  There are no words to describe how adorable it is when nephew interacts with his dog.  He loves her so much and she very patiently suffers through any mild baby abuse he inflicts.

Finally, adorable nephew recently started walking and climbing.  He will be climbing mountains with me in no time!  He is already a champion at climbing stairs.  The way I see it, to a baby, climbing stairs is almost like Class 3 scrambling!!

(Not my best photographic work, but, hey, that baby was moving fast!!)

That’s about it for my weekend.  With all the family excitement, I skipped my running this weekend (insert sad face here), but I’ll be back on the road or the treadmill tomorrow and will be doing a tough training week to make up for my recent slacking.  Stay tuned....

♥ Wishing You Merry Miles ♥

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