Thursday, April 18, 2013

My daily post-work battle against my couch

I am not a morning person.  Because I like to / have to be at work by 8:00am (sometimes later, but definitely before 8:30) and because I'm not a super speedy runner, it is difficult for me to complete my daily run in the morning before going to work.  So, I'm an evening runner.  However, I have another responsibility . . . these adorable girls:

They're not really allowed on the bed...don't tell my husband =)

Meet Emma:
Emma is my 6-year old scottish terrier.  We've been together since she was 3 months old.  I actually got her before I even met my husband.  I'm pretty sure I love her way more than she loves me.

Meet Maggie:
Maggie is almost 5 years old (her birthday is at the end of May) and she is half labrador retriever and half golden retriever.  She is the most loving, attentive, sensitive dog I've ever encountered.  Maggie likes to hike too!  Contrary to Emma, Maggie might love me more that I love her (but it is probably about equal).

Obviously, Emma and Maggie would prefer that I come straight home from work to let them out and feed them (mostly they just want me to feed them).  The problem with that is how inviting my couch looks.  I have fallen in to the trap of taking care of the dogs and then sitting on my couch, intending that it would just be for a minute or two, and suddenly I've watched 4 episodes of Big Bang Theory on TBS and it is time to go to bed.  Not good for marathon training.  

I'm happy to report that today I won the battle against my comfy couch.  I cam home, loved and fed my dogs and promptly left and ran 5 miles!!  The weather was beautiful today.  It was fantastic.  **insert corny winning-the-battle-but-not-the-war joke here**

Are you a morning or evening workout person?

How do you make yourself get up and go workout after you come home from work?

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