Monday, April 15, 2013

This is not the post I had planned for today...

I woke up this morning like a kid on Christmas morning.

That's my normal behavior before a major marathon is on tv.  I sat with my eyes glued to my computer screen during the 2011 New York Marathon when I should have been studying Evidence or Administrative Law.  Then, I sat with similar mesmerization watching the Olympic Trials in Houston on my laptop in the law library.  Somewhat more recently, I woke up at ungodly hours to watch the Olympic Marathon this past summer even though I was supposed to be in my post-bar exam relaxation mode.

My excitement quickly faded...

In the wake of this tragedy, the outpouring of support from the running community and beyond has really left me speechless.  From the rush to donate blood to the twitter/facebook campaign to show support by wearing race shirts tomorrow (Tuesday).

As I did my two-mile tempo run tonight and my strength training, I was overcome by a feeling of gratefulness.  I was grateful that none of my loved ones were in Boston; grateful that I had the ability to complete my workout; and grateful that I get the opportunity to show my support for the running community tomorrow and run another day.  

My thoughts and prayers will continue to go out to all those affected by the Boston Marathon tragedy.  The search for answers will continue tomorrow who knows when or if, that search will be completed.  It seems to me that these types of senseless acts are never fully explained, so there will always be questioned left unanswered...namely, the question of "why?"

#prayforboston #runnersunite

♥ Wishing You Merry Miles ♥

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