Thursday, August 29, 2013

I should probably start coming to terms with turning 30

It's true y'all.  I'm getting old-ish.  On March 7th, I'll turn the big 3-0!  Yes, I realize that March 7th is still more than 6 months away, 27 weeks away to be exact!  But, I fear that it might take me awhile to make my peace with that "3" in the front of my age.

So, to commemorate 29.5 years of being a fraid cat such a momentous occasion, I'm going to embark on a journey to have 30 fun and exciting new experiences, one each week, until I turn 30.
Given that there are actually only 27 weeks to my birthday, I'm going to have to play a little catch-up or do a couple two-in-one-week posts.  However, the whole "30-things-30-weeks-30-years-old"thing was too catchy to pass up over a little something like timing.

I've thought of some of the things that I'd really like to do in the next 27 weeks, but I haven't thought of all yet.  Just a few that I've thought of:
  1. Rappelling
  2. Aerial or Antigravity Yoga
  3. Visit the Las Vegas Neon Museum
  4. Go to a Cirque Du Soleil
  5. Break 5 hours in a marathon
  6. Trapeze
  7. Actually train for and complete a sprint triathlon 1:30:00 or less (this might be ambitious).

So, here are my most recent New Experiences:
I posted about it here, but it was an absolute blast!  
SUP is something I've wanted to try for awhile and it became a must-do after I saw the ladies of SUP Vancouver cheering along the course of the Lululemon SeaWheeze Half Marathon.  I'll definitely do this again and, I hope to try Standup Paddleboard Yoga as one of my future New Experiences.
I talked about Yoga probably for the first time on the blog after SeaWheeze.  There's a reason for that.  I haven't done yoga in years.  And even when I did yoga years ago, I was never a regular.  I've never been exactly what you would call flexible.  I have a pretty embarrassing and unhealthy lack of dedication to stretching in general.  So, I've made it my mission to start going to a Yoga class at 24 hour fitness or do a yoga youtube video or dvd at least once per week.
just a little tree pose at the entrance to the Thurston Lava Tube
(professional yogini, I am not - but, hey, I'm trying)
Since coming home from Hawaii, I've done at least one yoga class each week and at least one other night of youtube yoga.  I really like the feeling of strength and lengthening that you get from the poses and the feeling of peace and serenity from the meditation at the end.  I really sincerely hope to make yoga a regular part of my workout regimen.  So far so good.

Do you do anything to commemorate your major birthday milestones?

Any suggestions for things that I absolutely must do before I turn 30?

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