Monday, August 12, 2013

Vancouver to Hawaii & One Kickin' Pre-Race Partaaayyy!!!!

Before I get to all this "Aloha from Hawaii the Big Island" stuff, I had an *AWESOME* weekend in Vancouver gettin my Lulu on!!
Dang, Lululemon knows how to put on my kind of party.  I was so impressed with the weekend, I feel I would be doing the people of Lululemon a disservice if I crammed it all into one blog post.  So, in that vein, let's talk Lululemon pre-race party:

When we picked up our race packets, I wasn't super impressed; the packet was lacking in swag - and you know how I feel about race swag.  However, that feeling was QUICKLY ERASED, the moment I stepped out on the patio and saw all kinds of AWESOME amenities!
Seriously, just outside the Vancouver Convention Centre there was an 8-bit Orca!!
Also out on the patio outside the convention centre....the Olympic torch from the 2010 Winter Olympics
First, I partook in a delicious strawberry popsicle (made from real fruit & made in BC)
Second, they had complimentary nail polish replacement!!
They even had really delicious peach/banana smoothies with Vega Vanilla Chai protein powder.  Woah.  Delicious!!

I really have to say, this was probably the most amazing pre-race party, I've ever attended.  I mean, seriously, these were the fantastic events that I took part in and they are just a fraction of what was offered!  There was popcorn, and cotton candy, and photo booths, and delicious iced teas, and getting your hair did, and massages, and yoga!!  So much awesome.

Tomorrow, the main event - the SeaWheeze Half Marathon!

Which pre-race expo/party was the best you've ever attended?

Have you ever been to Canada?  Which is your favorite city?
     (I've only been to Vancouver and Niagara Falls, and Vancouver definitely wins that battle)


  1. How soon you forget your family vacations!! You have also visited New Brunswick! Since we were already in Maine, we drove up to East Quoddy Lighthouse and Campobello! Oh wait, maybe you were still feeling a little under the weather because of dad's lobster and dad's driving :-)

    1. Yeah, I don't think I attended that part of the vacation. Thanks a lot Dad. This could have been my third trip to Canada instead of only my second.