Monday, May 13, 2013

Blast from the Past (plus, something new & exciting)

Today, I feel like a working out champion . . . 

4 miles running ~42 minutes + 8 minutes walking cool down
30 minutes strength training (bicep curls, tricep extensions, calf raises, glutes & hips, planks)
1200 yards swimming

Step One (running) & Step Two (strength training) of my Overachiever Workout:
I had to deviate from the treadmill workout a little bit at random places because my foot kept going numb (I laced my shoes like an idiot, but was too stubborn to stop and re-tie them).

Step Three (swimming) of my Overachiever Workout:

Because the workout is kind of hard to read, here it is:

       200 Easy Freestyle
       100 Easy Backstroke
Main Set:
       6 x 50 Freestyle (15 seconds rest)
       3 x 100 Freestyle (25 seconds rest)
Kick Set:
       4 x 50 kick on your back in streamline position (~30 seconds rest)
Cool Down:
       100 Easy

This workout is a modified version of this workout by Kiefer ("The First Name in U.S. Swimming since 1947")

I am so excited that I felt the need to get in the pool this evening!  I started swimming when I was 8 years old and never took more than two months off until the end of my senior year of college.
Best friend from high school (right) and Me (left) at a college swim meet.
We swam together, on the same team, through high school and then swam on different teams in the same conference through college.
Wowie!! I am so slow now.  It took me almost 45 minutes to swim a 1200 yard set!  And I feel like my body is a little bit falling apart.  Swimming is such a great workout and it is a fantastic way to get your heart rate up when your legs need a break.  I highly recommend it!

....and, finally, my "something new & exciting"...

I'm so excited to be signed up for my first Ragnar.  I'm officially a member of a 12-person team for the Ragnar Wasatch Back!

I've never done anything like this, but I'm *very* excited for the challenge.  Unless my team comes up with a different plan, I'm going to wear lots of neon and will probably be totally dependent on my compression socks (they were one of the only reasons I didn't die during the Goofy Challenge).

Do you ever work in any swimming or water running into your routine to give your legs a break?

Have you ever done a Ragnar Relay?  Any advice for a newbie?

Wishing You Merry Miles 


  1. Awesome workout! Thanks for including the Kiefer swim in here. I agree: swimming can be a great way to cross train for runners. Happy training!

    1. It is kind of strange that I'm starting to see myself as a runner first and a swimmer second. I started distance running in high school as cross training for swimming. Swimming was my priority, but I needed a way to get my heart rate up while taking some pressure off my shoulders. Now, I swim as cross training for my running to take some pressure off my legs.

      Actually, even though I hadn't been in the water for ~15 months before last night, my 16 years of competitive swimming is so engrained in me that I still think of myself as a swimmer first.