Thursday, May 16, 2013

I'm hoping to parlay my Wonderful Wednesday into a Terrific Thursday!!

Yesterday was such a great day for so many reasons!

  • Grizzlies Victory!!
  • Cherry. Pomegranate. Poptarts.
  • Another fantastic swimming workout
  • The best smelling shampoo is back in my life
  • Easy Magic Bullet Guacamole
These are the things that get me excited.  I mean, I clearly live an extraordinarily charmed life.  Are you jealous yet?  Just wait until you see the pictures . . . 

#1 - The Memphis Grizzlies are headed to the Western Conference Finals!!!  I found this on the internet on Wednesday morning:  Our Grindfather, Who art on Beale: A Playoff Prayer (I found it on, but I think it originated here?)

I laughed so hard the first time I read this (and each subsequent time too).  I used to go to Grizzlies games pretty regularly when I lived in Memphis, thanks to my wonderful mother-in-law.

I am *pumped* that the Grizz live to grind again!  Will they be facing San Antonio or Golden State?

#2 - This was my breakfast (in addition to some delicious bacon):
These "toaster pastries" (come on, we all know they're called pop tarts even if they're not made by Kellogg's) are from the mystical world of Trader Joe's.  I need to stock up on these before everyone discovers this like they did cookie butter.  I don't think I could handle a nation-wide shortage of these.

#3 - I took the day off from running, but I fit in a great 1200 yards of swimming.  This workout is loosely based on this workout found at
Fun fact of the day:  No one looks good in a swim cap.

Wednesday's Workout:

       200 Easy Freestyle
       100 Easy Backstroke
Main Set:
       100 build (each 25 faster than the last) freestyle - 10 seconds rest
       75 build backstroke - 10 seconds rest
       50 easy freestyle - 10 seconds rest
       25 hard freestyle
   1:00 rest
       100 build freestyle - 10 seconds rest
       75 build backstroke - 10 seconds rest
       50 easy freestyle - 10 seconds rest
       25 hard freestyle
Kick Set:
       6 x 50 butterfly kick on your back in streamline position (~20 seconds rest)
Cool Down:
       100 Easy

...and in case you're curious...

Tuesday's Workout:
3 miles running ~30 minutes + 10 minutes walking cool down
30 minutes strength training (bicep curls, tricep extensions, calf raises, glutes & hips, planks)

#4 - During a trip to Target on Tuesday evening, the best smelling shampoo re-entered my life after a hiatus of what seems like a decade:
I pretty much couldn't live without this shampoo when I was in high school.  Not only was it trendy in my swim team locker room, it was also such a beautiful smell that most effectively covered up the ever-present scent of chlorine.  My sweet parents even bought it for me even though the arguably equally effective Suave shampoos were like 1/3 the price.  I really have the best parents.

This shampoo was also trendy in my swim team locker room:

but I have a much stronger affection for the Herbal Essences in the pink bottle.

#5 - Finally, my night was capped off by some of the easiest, most delicious guacamole.  I mean, the ease to delicious ratio is really optimized with this recipe/method.
Just throw the following ingredients in to the Magic Bullet cup:
     1.  Meat from two ripe avocados
     2.  Juice from half a lime
     3.  Handful of cilantro
     4.  Minced garlic (I always cheat by buying the minced garlic that comes in a jar)
     5.  Half jalapeƱo, chopped
     6.  Tomatoes (I forgot to buy some so I just used a couple spoonfuls of salsa)
That's it! Once all the ingredients are in the cup, use the magic bullet to blend it to your desired consistence.  Voila!, delicious guac that took 5 minutes!!  Three of my friends came over so we could get our nerd on and talk about interesting issues in our respective areas of interest/study.  I mean, they totally could have been lying, but they said the guac was at least edible.

So....that was my Wednesday.  Thursday is looking to be just as good!

Is anyone following the NBA playoffs?  If so, who are you cheering for?  What do you think about the teams that are left?

Did you ever use the herbal essences shampoo that came in these old school bottles?  Am I crazy or did they stop making this shampoo for like a decade?

Do you have a Magic Bullet?  If so, what is your favorite Magic Bullet recipe?


 Wishing You Merry Miles 

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