Thursday, May 9, 2013

How am I still so sore?

So, this was on my Runner's World daily calendar yesterday . . . seriously, truer words were never spoken . . . 

For the first half of this week, I couldn't even put on heels for work because my quads were so sore.  For some reason, I decided that it was important for me to go on three hikes this weekend.

First, there was White Pinnacle Peak for my 12th card of the 52 Peak Club, the King of Diamonds!
Our end point was that tiny, pointy peak on the left side of the mountain.  However, the hike started with what seemed like a 2 mile trek across the desert until we got to this super steep chute that we scrambled up.  It was a pretty technical climb involving webbing to walk up a super steep, slippery rock slab:
and climbing up through what felt like an itty-bitty rabbit hole:
finally arrive at the most narrow peak with the most exposure that I've ever encountered:
I was with such a fantastic group of hikers.  Everyone was supportive, patient, and energetic!!  These are two of my favorite ladies with me in the picture above.  

Of course, once you get to the top, you're really only halfway still have to go back down to your car - which is often easier said than done

So, that was Saturday morning . . . after which I went to an incredible barbecue with my hiking pals and then pretty much went straight to sleep.  Wouldn't you?

And then, I decided that my Saturday hike wasn't enough, so on Sunday morning, I hiked 9 miles round-trip up 2300 feet to Bonanza Peak for my 13th Card, the 5 of Spades.  This hike was in the Mt. Charleston area; the scenery is gorgeous! It is a lot different from Red Rocks . . . mostly because there are trees in the Mt. Charleston area.
The view of Mt. Charleston from Bonanza Peak.  It was such a beautiful day, kind of chilly, but beautiful.
The biggest surprise of the day were the wild horses that live near the trailhead.  There were dozens of them and they just roamed the area and would let you get pretty close to them.  So incredible!

And, then, because two hikes in a weekend is clearly not enough, I went on a evening/night hike with some of my friends from work to Windy Peak.  I'd already been there once in the daylight and decided that I could lead my friends through the dark.  Well, I did it successfully and we all had a blast.  There is something so fun about putting on a headlamp and trekking through the woods in the dark.

J.Crew Friend and me at the top with our sweet headlamps.  I love the lights of Las Vegas in the background.
Needless to say, with all the hiking and the subsequent soreness, running hasn't been at the top of my list . . . I should do something about that.

What do you do to alleviate sore muscles?

Have you ever hiked at night or run at night with a headlamp?

♥ Wishing You Merry Miles ♥

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