Thursday, May 30, 2013

I just love making lists

I mean, it is sort of embarrassing how much I love making lists:
Are these the things I needed to accomplish this evening?  Yes.
Are these the only two things I actually accomplished?  Yes.
So, in the spirit of making lists, my desire to procrastinate the things on the above list that I don't feel like doing, and my anxiety about this triathlon on Saturday, I've made a list of things I think I need to take on Saturday.

**Please tell me if any of this sounds like a bad idea**

What I Plan to Wear to Lake Mead:
-  swim suit 
-  sports bra (under swim suit - I like extra support)
-  warm-up type clothing for before and after the Tri (shorts, tshirt, jacket)
-  sandals

To Take for the Swim:
-  green swim cap (required that women's cap be green - provided?)
-  goggles (mirrored speedo vanquisher & purple swedish goggles)

To Take for Transition #1/Bike:
-  Update: BIKE (yes, I forgot to list a bike...)
-  Full water bottle 
-  Clif Shot energy gels
-  Energy jelly beans
-  Tri shorts
-  Cycling shirt/jersey
-  socks
-  Nike Lunarglide 4 running shoes
-  bike helmet
-  sunglasses
-  Garmin watch
-  towel

To Take for Transition #2/Run:
-  head band
-  running hat

Random Things to Take:
-  body glide
-  gatorade
-  headlamp (for setting up transition area)
-  spibelt
-  spare set of clothes

**I know this was long, but I needed to make this list in a place where I know I'll have it when I'm freaking out on Friday night**

Yesterday's Workout:
HP and I went for a 9-mile bike ride.  We decided that it was important that Saturday not be the first time in two years that I ride an actual bicycle.  Plus, I'm using HP's girlfriend's (she's my friend too - I'm just providing additional background info) bike and I needed to figure out how the gears worked.  The 9-mile ride took about 50 minutes.  I think that's pretty slow, but HP was nice and supportive.

I'm still laughing because I'm pretty sure HP would be annoyed that I gave him that nickname.

Yesterday's Food:
On an unrelated note, I made some grade A food choices.  
Raisin Bran & Diet Coke - breakfast of champions =)
One of my co-workers brought in some fresh, homemade salsa and there are no words to describe how happy this salsa made me today.  I really can't get enough chips & salsa (and/or guac).
This is random, I know, but it made me laugh.
I'm a total double-dipper.  I just try to hide it so people don't get grossed out.
Mythbusters said there is nothing wrong with double dipping.
Are you a list maker?

Is there anything I should be adding to my list of things to take to the triathlon?

Do you double dip?  Or, do you doubt Mythbusters rock-solid science that it isn't bad for you?



  1. I am a HUGE list maker. I think it's the curse of being a child from a Type A parent and being a teacher- I'm required to plan! :)

    1. Thank you so much for checking out my blog. I'm sort of just starting out and it means so much when people stop by and leave comments.

      PS - I honestly haven't idea how non-list making people get anything done

  2. Tri's are ALOT of fun!!! Just enjoy yourself - that's what life's all about

    1. Thanks so much! The tri is tomorrow and I'm nervous but very excited! The water is going to be chilly, but I'm fairly certain that it is going to be lots and lots of fun! I'll have a recap afterward to update.

  3. I think you need a titanium spork. It was on one of your lists :-)

  4. Seriously, who doesn't need at least one titanium spork in their life?