Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Sometimes I'm impulsive

I made at least two impulsive decisions today . . . the jury is still out on whether these decisions will turn out to be good ones......

So, I'm going to do a triathlon this weekend...and, yes, my friend and I signed up today at 2:45pm....  It is only a spring triathlon: swim 1/2 mile; bike 16.1 miles; run 3.1 miles.  I'm not super worried about the swim and I'm not worried about the run, but I literally have not ridden a bike outside of spinning class in two years.  This is the last bike I rode...and I rode it around the island of Key West...and sometimes I wasn't sober....
These bikes served as our mode of transportation for my two girl friends and me as we bummed around Key West for Spring Break 2011.
So, at this point, I'm not even sure I remember how to ride a bike.......that's a problem, no?  I mean, I know how the saying goes about things that you can't forget how to do being "like riding a bike" .... but I'm not entirely sure it has really been proven true.  Basically what I'm say is that this triathlon is not just about testing my physical abilities.  It is also about science.  

I broke this out to look for guidance.  

I bought it right after I graduated from college thinking that after a collegiate "career" of swimming, a triathlon was the next natural progression.  It was pretty unhelpful.  I still have no idea what you wear when swimming and transitioning to biking.  I'm so clueless....I think I bit off more than I can chew this time.

Anyway, in an effort to at least test out my biking skills, my friend (we'll call him HP b/c he looks like Harry Potter) and I are going to test this theory tomorrow morning when we go on a 10-mile bike ride.  Hopefully I can do it in under an hour...is that feasible?  See, this is how little I know about biking.  I don't even know if I can do a 10-mile ride in under an hour.

Okay...that's enough stressing about rash decision #1.  I'm sure this will be an ongoing theme this week.

I promise, impulsive decision #2 is even more exciting.
be still my heart
Seriously Nabisco?!  Where does your brilliance in the area of innovative twists on this classic cookie end?  First there were strawberry milkshake Oreos, then there were birthday cake batter Oreos, and now these?!  

Anyway, purchasing these while at Target to buy a bike helmet can hardly be categorized as impulsive.  Purchasing at least one package of these babies was the only rational choice....  The only impulsive part was when I marched straight back to buy a bike helmet and then purposely headed straight to the cookie aisle.

Not purchasing these cookies would have been impulsive.  

Has anyone ever done a triathlon?  Please, I'm begging you, hit me with any advice you have.

Do you *love* Oreos?  Are you a traditionalist? or do you get into the special, wacky Oreos that Nabisco comes up with?


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  1. Although I felt misled by the Oreos, they were delicious. =)