Friday, May 31, 2013

Gotta love race swag - especially when it is good swag

So, I've done quite a few races over the year from the Race for the Cure to the Chicago Marathon to the Disney Princess Half Marathon.  The one thing I've noticed is that the race swag has been declining over the past few years.  Has anyone else noticed this phenomenon?

So, I picked up the race packets for this triathlon that I'm doing this weekend and my faith in the race swag has been partially restored!
Water bottle, sunscreen, udderly smooth body cream, athletes foot powder (hopefully I never need that), body glide, sun screen, shave gel, mocha clif shot, dark chocolate almonds, chocolate chip clif bar, corn thins, swim cap!!!  In fact, there is more - the biofreeze and chapstick dropped on the floor and I was too lazy to pick it up and take another picture.  Hey, I gotta conserve my energy, I have a triathlon this weekend!

After picking up my packet, I'm getting very excited for this weekend.  

Completely unrelated, but you'll be so happy that I brought this to your attention.  So, law school made me a pretty big grammar nerd.  

However, before law school, my knowledge of these things were sort of  "need to know" ... and because I pretty much just wrote lab reports I didn't "need to know" that much.  The content of the lab reports mattered waaaaaaaayyyyy more than whether it included split infinitives or passive voice.  So, as you can imagine, I don't have a ton of confidence in my grammar knowledge.  If someone tells me that I'm not doing something correctly, I'm likely to believe them.  

spoiler alert:  I watched this and was sort of very worried that I didn't actually know how to use a semicolon.  The end of the video made me feel much better.  

Watching the video the second time was even more enjoyable because I could listen to the lyrics (they're so funny!) instead of internally freaking out =)

Have you noticed the amount of swag you get with race registration is reducing in quantity and quality?

Do you have a favorite punctuation mark? Does this question win the award for nerdiest blogger question EVER??
(in my professional life, I really like using the semicolon, but I also really love exclamation points!)



  1. Is it bad that I love semi-colons? I also love you.

    1. It would be bad if you didn't love semi-colons. In fact, if you hated semi-colons, it would probably have a negative impact on our friendship.

  2. Completely agree with the decline in swag-- one race packet I got was filled with nothing but fliers. No joke... worst packet ever.

    1. I know!! It even happens with big races for which you expect decent goodies. Seriously, for the Chicago Marathon, the goodies consisted of a miniature clif bar and some sort of detergent (either laundry or dishwasher, I can't remember b/c that's how fast I threw it away).