Thursday, May 23, 2013

Mid-Week Motivation + A delicious salad

Well, we've all survived more than half of the week.  I think a congratulations is in order.
This has been a particularly exhausting week at work.  I was supposed to run a 3 mile tempo run last night and then take today off, but I decided that I needed the break tonight so I can attack that tempo run tomorrow.
This is going to be my motto for today!
via Back on Pointe
Monday I did a 4-mile treadmill run followed by 1400 yards of swimming:
       200 Easy Freestyle
       100 Easy Backstroke
   Main Set:
       5 x 100 on 2:00
       4 x 25 push on :40
   Kick Set:
       4 x 75 butterfly kick on your back in streamline position (~20 seconds rest)
   Cool Down:
       200 Easy

Tuesday I did a 4-mile outside - it was "only" 93 degrees, so I thought I'd take advantage of that.  

Even though I didn't run last night, I was still semi-productive.  First of all, I had a delicious gourmet dinner involving the best combination of cereal I've ever tried:
Frosted Flakes + Special K Red Berries + Vanilla Soy Milk = So much deliciousness.  It is something to do with the tartness of the strawberries paired against the sweetness of the frosted flakes.  I'm obsessed and super sad that I ate the last of my Special K last night so I couldn't eat any this morning...

After eating my five star cereal dinner, I decided to use some of the contents of my refrigerator that are only a few days from going bad, so I made a modified version of my mom's broccoli salad:
Instead of the mayonnaise I used plain greek yogurt.  Don't get me wrong, mayo is delicious, but the plain greek yogurt makes this infinitely more healthy (ok, maybe not "infinitely" more healthy).  Also, in addition to the raisins, I added dried cherries and shredded carrots.  Finally, instead of the 6-12 strips of bacon, I went ahead and added all 15 strips from my box of pre-cooked bacon....yes, I cheated and used the pre-cooked bacon that you just pop in the microwave.   

....and the finished product....
It doesn't look like fact, you might think it looks kind of gross...but now that it is done chilling over night, I'm really looking forward to eating it for lunch!

What are the components of your favorite salad?

Are you a cereal eater?  What's your favorite?

How have your workouts this week gone?

 Wishing You Merry Miles 

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