Sunday, May 12, 2013

Monthly Subscription Sample Box for Runners

Look what I signed up for this weekend!!

I've never signed up for one of these monthly subscription sample boxes, but I read a couple of reviews of StrideBox (here and here) and I'm super curious.  I think I first heard of these when Birch Box started - there is also a list of some fun looking ones here.  I was intrigued by the craft and jewelry making boxes, but I definitely whipped out my credit card when I read that they had one of these babies full of running products!

The subscription costs $15/month and my understanding is that you can cancel at any time.  

The only sad thing is that I won't receive my first box until the beginning of next month.  However, after that, it'll be like getting a present in the mail every month! (who doesn't love presents?!)

Have you ever tried StrideBox or any of the other "surprise boxes"?

How did you celebrate Mother's Day yesterday?

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