Thursday, June 13, 2013

Another June day in Nevada = more treadmill time...

.....and there is no end in sight to the time I will be spending on a treadmill......

So, this is my most recent attempt to distract myself from the fact that I'm running in place for 50 minutes.  Yes, I find that the pink legal pad paper helps make it a little less miserable.  However, I can sympathize that taking a picture of the written workout doesn't make for efficient repeatability....mostly because I'm not sure the workout is legible in the picture above.  So, I made the below chart that shows the main nuts & bolts of my interval workout.  
It is basically 10x400m at 10K pace with a little recovery in between.  This workout took me to 4.25 miles, so I just sort of made it up as I went along for .75 miles to make it a nice round 5 miles.  The time passed like nothing, probably because I was watching the brilliant cinematic stylings of Dawson's Creek via Netflix.  Oh, you caught that, huh?  Try not to judge me...I watch a lot of Netflix and I can only watch Spirit of the Marathon and all the episodes of Arrested Development so many times....

Mid-Week check-in:  How have your workouts gone this week?

What fruits have been eating lately?
     (I had some really delicious seedless watermelon today!!)

I think I need new running headphones.  Any suggestions?
     (I currently use yurbuds but they kept falling out today....umm, that's not supposed to happen?)

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