Thursday, June 20, 2013

Ready for Ragnar - Wasatch Back!

I'm going to be occupied over the next couple days.  Tomorrow morning is the beginning of my latest adventure.  At 9:45, I'll be leaving Las Vegas with 11 of my closest friends (okay, that's not really true, I only even know two of them) and heading to Logan, Utah to begin what will be my first Ragnar Relay!  Specifically, I'll be running on a 12-person team doing Ragnar Wasatch Back.

I am Runner #10, which means I run legs numbers 10, 22, and 34.
Leg #10 should be a breeze: slightly less than 4 miles and basically flat

Leg #22 is slightly less of a breeze.  Only because it is 7.3 miles.  The slight overall incline shouldn't be too big of a problem (I know, I know...famous last words...)

And then there's leg #34....Oh, leg #34.  Just a quick 4 mile jaunt through the woods.  Oh yeah, 4 miles + an elevation increase of nearly 1700 feet!
These are my legs and, whats more, these are the legs that I chose.  Originally, I was going to walk the easy path of runner #12.  However, the sick freak inside of me needed an extra challenge and wanted the extra mileage, so I requested (beg & pleaded) to get switched to runner #10.

I'm so excited and I'm pretty sure I'm overpacking.  My backpacking pack is full, I have a duffle full of food and drinks and I also have my messenger bag because there is no way I can leave my trusty laptop  behind.  This talk of the things I'm taking is freaking me out because I haven't finished packing!!

I already can't believe that some people do these as a 6-person team!  I'm pretty sure I'll be in even deeper disbelief come Saturday when I finish my third leg.

Do you pack at the last minute before a trip?
       (I wish I wasn't, but I'm always last minute)

What are your go-to items that you always take on road trips?
        (I always need my laptop, chewy sprees, and diet coke)

What are you watching on TV now that most of the shows are on summer hiatus?
        (I've been watching a lot of Netflix lately.  The cord that hooks my iPad to the TV is a godsend!)

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