Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Better Late than Never - Weekend Roundup

Yes, it is already Wednesday, but I'm going to recap my weekend anyway because it was so fun!  First, we got up at at 5:45 am, by choice, to meet up with some of our best hiking buddies to hike up to Cockscomb Peak in the Spring Mountains at 9,692 feet of elevation.
The hike was ~5 miles round trip beginning at Trail Canyon and most of it was on a very nicely maintained trail.  Once you get to the saddle (2 miles from the trail head), instead of going left toward Mount Charleston, you follow the slightly more faint trail to the right.  
The last little bit involved a little scrambling, but nothing we couldn't handle in the capable hands of our fearless and always prepared leader, Bill.
This was the most exposure we encountered
Doesn't it look like he loves it when I shove my iPhone in his face?
It was a beautiful day.  The weather was in the high-50s when we started and warmed up to high-70s by the end....a perfect day hanging out in the woods with my husband and some of our friends.  ...and we earned the Jack of Hearts for our troubles.  (My 15th card!  Only 37 more to go!)
Our selfies didn't turn out so well...but someone else took this and I kind of liked it.
I really love taking walks in the woods.
(I know I've said this before, but isn't my husband a pretty awesome iPhone photographer?)
After our hike, we each had appointments for a 50-minute massage.  It was awesome.  

This weekend was also awesome because I got to hang out with one of my dear friends from law school.  Her being in town was a total surprise, but we had a blast.  We did all of the Vegas-y things like gambling (I put a total of $6 on the line) a little and seeing the Bellagio fountains.  
But, we also did some of the uniquely Vegas things that people forget about, like hanging out with my other friend Flif at Boulder Beach at Lake Mead.  We also took Maggie!!  She *loves* swimming and it was so fun to get in the water and swim with her.  The only drawback was her claws coming in to contact with my legs as she was dog paddling.  
Really, Maggie was such a good dog and very patiently endured me shoving my iPhone in her face. 
she was so dirty from swimming then laying in the sand
If you live in the Vegas area and want to take your dog to the beach, just a heads up, you will get fined if you have a dog at Boulder Beach proper.  I didn't get ticketed because we didn't get out of the car before speaking with someone that had recently been ticketed $108!!  However, you are allowed to have dogs just south on the "Special Events Beach."  I actually think it is superior to Boulder Beach.  It isn't as crowded, isn't as rocky, and you can pull your car up closer to the water.
me shoving my iPhone in faces to take pictures seems to be a reoccurring theme in this blog post
I had such a super fantastic weekend, but I was (and still am) exhausted!  The exhaustion would maybe, sort of explain my absence from the blogosphere during the last few days.  

I needed my beauty rest; Thursday morning I leave for a weekend in Utah during which I'll be doing my first Ragnar Relay.    More on that in the coming days.

Ever done a Ragnar?  What are the crucial things that I might forget to pack that are really important?

How do you feel about spending a day at the lake?  What are the essentials needed for a day at the beach?
       (I personally need some sort of float to lounge in the water)

Have you ever been to Vegas?  What's your favorite Vegas activity?
       (Obviously I'm partial to hiking, but I could watch the Bellagio fountains for hours.  They basically hypnotize me!)


  1. Your hike looks beautiful! I love Vegas too. I actually almost ran the Vegas Ragnar last year! I live in Utah and have several friends running Ragnar this weekend too. You will have so much fun! I wish I was running. I wish you all the best! ;-)

    1. Wasatch Back was so awesome! The scenery was beautiful. It was just such a great experience (recap coming tonight or tomorrow). I'm already looking forward to Las Vegas Ragnar!