Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Blue Skies, brown box . . . My June StrideBox has arrived!!

My husband can attest to the fact that I don't often check my mail.  However, this pattern changes when I'm expecting something exciting....and at the beginning of the month, I am excitedly expecting my StrideBox and the latest issue of Runner's World.  This month, they came on the same day!!!
It's like the postal service new I needed a kick in the butt this week
This is my first StrideBox and I have to say, I am impressed.  The packaging was minimalist and tasteful (both really big positives in my book).  I also really liked the "Just Keep Running" tape on the outside.
And as much as I liked the packaging, I am even more excited about the contents.  I'll be holding off on most of these products until Ragnar (T-minus 10ish days! eek!), especially the banana blueberry almond butter pocket fuel and the skratch labs lemon/lime hydration mix.  I'm super intrigued by the PowerIce popsicle type thing.  I promptly put it in my freezer and will be consuming it after I get home from a sweaty run or bike ride in the near future.

I mean, this really is the perfect box of goodies for me.  For example, I have pretty near constant tightness in the arches of my foot and live in near constant fear of getting plantar fasciitis again.  Thus, I'm pretty jazzed to try the Due North Foot Rubz Massage Ball.  This item will definitely be packed in my pack for Ragnar, along with my foam roller of course.  

Finally, I'm looking forward to lacing up the Lock Laces in my LunarGlides.  In high school I had a pair of Saucony running shoes that had a toggle so that I didn't have to tie them and I loved them and how I felt running in them.  Unfortunately, I can't even find a picture of them and have no idea what the model was called =( .  Even if just for the purposes of nostalgia, I'm looking forward to lacing up this no tie shoelace system!  I hope these work half as well as the lacing system in my Solomon Trail Runners, these laces do not loosen for anything - so so awesome.

Do you subscribe to StrideBox?  Which item this month are you most looking to try out?

Which other "surprise/sample boxes" have you investigated?

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