Wednesday, June 5, 2013

How is it this hot in June? Plus, an exciting addition to my fitness regime!

So, I have pretty much been a lazy bum since the triathlon.  And seriously, who wouldn't be lazy with this kind of weather in June?
I feel that 108 degrees on June 8th is inappropriate.
Sunday consisted of me laying on my couch and watching an embarrassing amount of television and only leaving my apartment to take my dogs out and to get McDonalds at 9:15pm (yes, I got another caramel milk shake...I'm addicted).

Monday was slightly more exciting.  Remember how I'm a little impulsive?  Well, after obsessively trolling craigslist and other various websites for road bikes for approximately 48 hours, I found the one for me!!

See specs here.  Thank you so much to all my friends that reviewed the specs on this bike and agreed that it was a good buy and a good starter bike for me.  This article was also very useful in quelling my concerns about getting a bike with a unisex frame instead of a female frame.  I'm looking forward to getting some solid miles of cycling in very soon.

Also, can we just all agree that my husband is amazing for being so cool about the $$$ I've shelled out in the last week because I've picked up this cycling/triathlon habit??

After acquiring my new toy, I had a lovely evening with Ellie.  She made chicken pesto using the basil that she grows in backyard.  Mind. Blown.  This stuff was so good.  Now, more than 24 hours later, my mouth is watering just thinking about it.

That brings me to Tuesday:

Tuesday's Workout:
3 mile run - 30:57 (my legs are still feeling a little heavy from the triathlon, I least, that's my story and I'm sticking to it)
1800 yds Swim
       300 Easy Freestyle
       100 IM Drill
       100 IM Kick
       4 x 25 swim IM Order
   Main Set:
       500 build 
       2 x 150 swim - 30 seconds rest
            #1 - first & last 50 hard / middle 50 easy swim
            #2 - first & last 50 easy swim / middle 50 hard
   Kick Set:
       2 x 100 fly kick on back in streamline position
   Cool Down:
       100 Easy

It felt good to burn some calories both on my legs and in the water.  I was a little disappointed with the run, but that's what happens when you push it waaaaayyy too hard for the first mile and then have to back it waaaaayyy off to recover in the middle.  Swimming also felt a little rough, but I bumped up my yardage a bit from my last workout and this workout included longer swims, so I was less disappointed with the swim than I was with the run.

How do you work through disappointing workouts?

Any bike enthusiasts out there?  What do you think of my purchase?

June 5th is National Running Day! What are you doing to celebrate?
       (PS - you can get $20 off the entry of RnR Las Vegas - Run the Strip at Night!)
       (You can also get a discount on races managed by US Road Sports)


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