Thursday, June 27, 2013

My orange chicken salad + adventures in staying hydrated in the desert

Wednesday Workout:
3 miles
This was all treadmill.  I started with a 0.5 mile warmup at 6.0 mph & 0.0 incline.  After that I did 3 sets of 0.5 miles at 6.6 mph & 1.0 incline + 0.5 miles at 5.7 mph & 1.0 incline.  For obvious reasons, this felt *so* much better than my run yesterday!!  

I followed up the run with just the tiniest bit of strength training, which, of course, including some planking.

Today was a full 6 degrees hotter than yesterday and, after my super sweat-tastic run yesterday, it would have been easy to give in to the desert weather and succumb to the charms of my couch and television.  However, I pulled myself up and marched off to the gym and got my 3 miles in.

If it is important to you, you will find a way.  If it isn't, you will find an excuse.

Wednesday was such a pleasant day, look at this super healthy awesome lunch.
This was Plate #2 from the buffet.  Ok, that's a lie, it was Plate #3.
Behold, Lotus of Siam lunch buffet - Wednesday is orange chicken day.

So, after some super top-secret, time-intensive investigation, I've discovered that a mountain of orange chicken, numerous banana/coconut egg rolls, and an infinite number of pieces of sweet potato tempura is not the way to attain a flat stomach.  Who knew?  I mean, note the orange slice and the watermelon - don't they basically convert this plate of fried heaven into a salad?  No?  Well, agree to disagree then.

As I said, Wednesday was a pretty pleasant day ..... as long as we're avoiding the topic of the weather, that is.  The temperature got up to 108 degrees and was already almost 90 degrees when I woke up this morning.  I truly believe that living in the desert is a runner's worst nightmare (well, the desert or, maybe, chronic IT band issues).  I'm starting to understand why I haven't found an active running community here like I had when I lived in Memphis, TN.

.... and there is no relief from this heat in sight - in fact, it is only going to get worse! I looked at the weather on my phone and my only response: "You've got to be kidding me, 117?"
Thank goodness I'll be in Chicago this weekend - the highest temperature estimated for the weekend is 79 degrees on Friday!!
One thing I need to really focus on in this heat is hydration.  Drinking adequate water is not a strong point of mine, so I generally need a little help in that department.  I just get bored so easily.  I need something with some flavor (and apparently drinking 4 cans of diet coke a day will not hydrate you?).  I've tried the crystal light packets, but I also need something that is going to replenish my electrolytes.  So, I've decided to give nuun a try.  I sampled it at Ragnar and got a discount code, so I thought, what the heck and placed an order.

It was only after placing the order that I realized I had been using this stuff for years and just didn't realize it was the same stuff!  I had purchased several tubes of lemon-lime nuun tablets at Fleet Feet when I lived in Huntsville, AL (circa May 2011).  Unfortunately, they had been placed in a non-obvious box when I moved to Vegas and I only just found them this evening before heading to the gym!  Very excited to finish this final tube of nuun tablets up before I get my latest order!
Vintage Nuun
(well, maybe not old enough to be vintage - I mean, it isn't expired yet...)
PS - I get NO monies, etc. from nuun.  I'm just trying these out in a desperate attempt to stay hydrated in the aforementioned 117 degree heat!

True or False, Orange Chicken is good for you?
       (well, at the very least, I think it is good for the soul)

For those of you that have been to Vegas, have you ventured to Lotus?  Or, did its semi-sketch shopping strip location scare you off?
       (If you fall into the deterred group, twist my arm, I'll be your chaperone)

What's your take on nuun?  Better than crystal light packets? 


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  1. I ventured to Lotus - unwilling at first - but I went back for a second time before I left Vegas!! I LOVE that place - my mouth waters just thinking about it :-)